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Aqua Lung Dimension i3 & Lotus i3 BCDs




The His & Hers Dimension i3 & Lotus i3 are Aqua Lung's new top of the line BCD with a Retail Price of 2695AED and many innovative features including:


  • The all new Wrapture Harness System which incorporates a special back plate situated towards the bottom of the BC, Aqua Lung's swivel buckle system, padded backpack, quick draw waist fasteners and a valve retention strap. Combined, these features allow the weight of the cylinder to be supported by your waist and not your upper back, reducing your center of gravity and giving a more comfortable fit in and out of the water. The Wrapture Harness also prevents the BC from riding up the divers waist.

  • By placing the air cell behind them, the diver is more streamlined.

  • Pocket within a pocket within a pocket - the side pocket as well as having a smaller zippered pocket in front of it, can be opened and unravelled to increase its internal volume.

  • The integrated i3 control system provides a single touch control for both inflation and deflation.

  • Flat e-valves are very streamlined and effective. One-way design keeps water out.

  • The multiple dump feature means that when you depress the i3 lever, all of the flat e-valves open at once! No more reaching for the wrong valve.

  • The patented SureLock™ II weight system provides a simple, single pull release. Loading is as simple as insert and "click".

  • Pull down oral inflator is easy to deploy and stow.

  • A strong retractor band is used to pull in the sides of the bladder while deflating.

  • An adjustable chest strap can be raised and lowered on a rail system.

  • HP and LP hose routings through the back keep your entire kit low profile thus minimizing drag.

  • Convenient octo and console holders.

  • For instructors who don't want to teach with an i3 BC, a standard inflator can be added.

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