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Need to refresh your scuba skills and knowledge?



Today’s demanding lifestyle can make it challenging for some divers to remain active in the sport. Those same demands can also prevent divers from refreshing their dive knowledge when they are ready to start diving again. Al Mahara Diving Center and PADI have launched Scuba Tune-up Online to help ease this barrier and reconnect those seeking to rejoin the dive community.  Now, curious nondivers, inactive divers and divers simply seeking to refresh their dive knowledge can all review key dive information online at their convenience.


Divided into eight interactive sections, PADI Scuba Tune-up Online allows participants to review dive basics that include safe dive practices, dive planning fundamentals, problem management, the effects of breathing air at depth, dive computer and dive tables use, planning dives with the RDP, diving with enriched air (nitrox), and diving skills review.


As with all PADI eLearning offerings, the programme uses interactive videos to review basic dive skills. Once participants have completed this online option, contact us for inwater practice and to learn about the latest updates in dive equipment.  


Happy and safe diving and we look forward to diving with you!!!


Al Mahara Diving Team


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