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Official authorized dealer for Dive Rite products in Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates. Dive Rite products range from simple clips and dive acecssories to high performance regulators, backplates, harnesses, dive computers, Nomad sidemount, O2ptima CCR rebreather, masks, fins and much more great quality products designed by serious divers for divers. As a diver you will be looking for quality and reliability and Dive Rite has all the credentials for a novice to a serious tec diver. Designed for comfort, you can't go wrong in selecting the Dive Rite brand. We will shortly stock up on full range of Dive Rite. You can visit us and pre-order for your Dive Rite products also if we don't have in stock.


For O2ptima CCR Rebreathers, we will personally order your set and arrange training to get certification on your O2ptima CCR. Contact us for more information at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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