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East Coast Diving


Dive off the east coast of United Arab Emirates.

Many dive sites are near by the coast and only a short boat ride will get to most dive picturisque underwater landscape. Influenced by the waters from the Indian Ocean, this area has some wonderful marine biodiversity. The local dives are convenient and is teeming with marinelife. Divers should remember to bring an underwater camera or video to capture of spectacular views.



We've been diving here since 2001 and we continue to explore and find new and interesting marinelife. There were changes after Cyclone Gonu and even after the red tide in 2009 yet the marinelife always seem to come back alive and vibrant. As divers, we fully dedicate ourselves to being the ambassadors of the sea and to continue to promote and protect the delicate marine environment through many activities which we get involved in including underwater and beach clean ups, community awareness events, reef monitoring programs, marine talks at schools and local adventure groups and of course organised scuba diving and snorkeling excursions throughout this region and diving in South East Asia.


Dive sites

We will be adding a list and desciption of dive sites. Perhaps we'll get our PADI Divemasters in training to contribute to mapping a few of these areas also.


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