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The Instructor Development Course (IDC) combines the training for AI and OWSI into a single course which prepares candidates to sit the PADI instructor Examination (IE).  This is an independently assessed examination supervised and conducted by some of PADI's most qualified and experienced Course Directors who are trained and appointed to be Instructor Examiners.  IEs are conducted across the globe almost on daily basis and regional IEs are available to candidates almost every month.  Whilst our IDC programme is developed around the UAE national IEs we are able to accommodate candidates with differing timescales and requirements.


The IDC is a development course which consists of academic, presentational and practical training which will prepare you to take the next step beyond either Dive Master or AI to qualify you as an OWSI and able to teach all of PADIs main courses as well as a couple specialties:  Peak Performance Buoyancy and Project AWARE and Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation.


The training is tough and demanding and our standards uncompromising but our aim is to produce good instructors,  not just instructors candidates capable of passing the IE.  Our IDC Instructional Staff will give you their best and they expect no less from you, but above all we have fun whilst doing it.  Attending an IDC is no guarantee of passing the IE, that is up to you however, completing the IDC successfully is only the first step, the final decision to take the IE is ultimately yours.  Our Course Directors and IDC instructional Staff will help you make that decision by providing you with open, honest and  direct information about your performance and ability.



For more information on our Instructor Development Course (IDC) Programme and what it entails, see the link


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