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Experience the thrill of a lifetime and dive with sharks!



Thrilling experience for you, your friends and family. Give someone a gift of a lifetime!

As divers, we need to protect the sharks and build greater awareness for these awesome marine animals.


Join us to save the sharks.


The dives runs daily at 1pm; 3pm; 5pm and 7pm. You need to be at the aquarium an hour in advance. A short and informative presentation will be given to prepare you for your dive. Actual dive time will be 20-30 mins. and the water temperature is 23°C. All dive gear will be provided, as we keep it aquarium-clean.

For Certified Divers, the dive is 750 Dhs inclusive of dive gear rental, the training presentation, DAN diver insurance and a certificate of participation. Want to capture this as a keepsake, DVD available for a nominal charge, please request in advance. Meeting time, one hour before the dive.

For Non-certified Divers (Discover Scuba Diving), the dive is 1150 Dhs, inclusive of dive gear rental, the training presentation, DAN diver insurance and  a certificate of participation. Your introduction to scuba diving starts at 1pm You will try diving under the supervision of our PADI instructors. At 3pm you will be diving with the aquarium friends of Dubai Mall.


Dubai Aquarium Specialty, the course is 1950 Dhs inclusive of dive gear rental, the training presentation, DAN diver insurance and a certificate of participation. Your course starts at 12 noon, on any day. There are 3 trainingdive inthe course, an orientation dive, photography dive and observing the shark feed at 16:00. * 1 day program starts 12pm at the Dubai Aquarium. Multiple day program can be done on any of the above shark dive times with the last one ending at 16:00.

Cage snorkeling:

Come face to face with Grey Reef Sharks, Fan-tail rays, Cow nose rays and Giant Groupers – in the new Cage Experience at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. The newly installed Perspex and metal cage descends into the Aquarium tank allowing snorkelers an inside view and interaction with the marine life, without having any diver training. The Cage Experience snorkeling program will start with a briefing and kitting up into your wetsuit with your mask and snorkel. Snorkelers will then enjoy a 20-25 minutes snorkeling session inside the Cage. This will be available daily, every half hour from 12 noon to 3pm and 4:30pm to 8pm. Cage experience tickets are priced at Dhs350 per person.

For more information or to book your shark dive experience, contact us at +971-50 1118125 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



(Updated 6th April 2016KR)


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