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The Association's Objectives
EDA believes that divers can prove extremely utile in conserving the marine environment through observing, reporting and preventing environmental abuse.  

EDA's Prime Objectives
To create an EDA Membership scheme; establish a database for all divers; provide benefits with relation to retailers and services; and produce a regular quarterly magazine.
To promote diver safety through education, standards and provision of facilities; EDA wishes to establish an emergency system for divers, including:

  • Diving emergency procedures and contacts
  • Dive accident treatment and the use of hyperbaric chamber facilities
  • Seminars on safety and the use of chambers for divers and non-divers alike
  • To offer local diving medical coverage in case the need arises

  • To promote and maintain the local diving heritage, and preserve the traditions and history of local pearl diving
    To host talks, presentations, film shows, slide shows, school presentations, and interaction with other environmental groups.
    To liaise with international diver training organizations and international diver safety organizations.
    To liaise with other NGOs to ensure environmental collaboration and support.


Contact EDA Abu Dhabi Committee at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call +971-50 836 9530 for upcoming acitivities or to submit your EDA membership application.



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