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Al Mahara Diving Center runs a full service retail outlet.


Hours of operation are as follow:



Equipment selection

Al Mahara Diving Center offers leading equipment from the best manufacturers and is proud to offer products from Aqualung, Atomic Aquatics, Apeks, Diverite, Cressi Sub and Scuba Pro and Uemis and Ikelite and Sea and Sea.


Aqualung range:

BCD: ProQD i3 BCD, Pro LT BCD, Zuma Travel BCD, Wave BCD (excellent for dive centers), Pearl i3 is perfect for ladies

Regulators: Legend Supreme, Kronos, Titan LX, Micron and Apeks regulators

Wetsuits and rash guards: men's and ladies in full length and shortie ranging from 0.5mm-5mm thickness, rash guards 

Fins: Rocket fins, Slingshot, Caravelle, Blades 2 Flex

Masks: Infinity, Technika, Micromask, Look2, Look2 mid, Ventura, Favola

Snorkels: Impulse 3, Buran, Air Purge Dry, Air Dry, Mix Junior

Bags and accessories: choose a full range of bags from regulator to full traveller's bag with roller wheels, a wide selection of quality diving knives, weight belts, soft weights and surface buoys 


Atomic Aquatics range

T2X titanium regulator, M1 regulator and B2 and Z2 regulators

Sub frame and frameless masks and Sv-1 and -2 snorkels

Atomic split fins (it even comes in pink and purple colours)


Diverite: Full Diverite range of products for the experienced diver (more product details to come...)


Dive computers:

Uemis: Uemis Zurich SDA latest smart dive computer with many great features and easy to read coloured screen and ease of use

Diverite: Nitek Trio, NiTek X (for mixed gas with full decompression capabilities that monitors 7 gas mixes)

Suunto: D4 wrist, D6 wrist computer, D9 wrist computer with transmitter for air integration, Zoop.

Uwatec: Galileo SOL or Luna dive computer, Aladin Tec2G,


Sea and Sea range

Sea and Sea DX-1 (10 mega pixels)

DX-2G (12.1 megapixels)

DX-1200HD (great for beginners)

YS-17, YS-110 and YS-250 strobes


Other products available at Al Mahara

Fantasea Underwater housings, Underwater Kinetics Lights and water tight storage cases: eLED lights fpr primary and secondary lights

PADI materials: wide range of PADI educational materials for sport diving and career scuba divers


All our staff are knowledgeable, which means you'll get great advise from local experts. Our staff are experienced in pairing the products and their features to the customers wants and needs.


Equipment servicing

Do you need equipment repair, service or just a simple inspection.

Do the air cylinders need to be hydrostatically or visually inspected


Equipment Rental

RENTAL PRICES per day use
Full set of equipment Dhs100
BCD only Dhs35
Regulator Dhs35

Dive computer

Underwater torches

Dhs 50
Enriched Air Dhs 50 supplement per cylinder





News & Events

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PADI Free Diving Course


Freediving is about inward power, discipline, and control. If you’ve always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath allows, then freediving is for you. Taking the PADI Freediver course is your first step toward discovering why freediving is becoming a popular way to explore beneath the waves.
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