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Al Mahara Pricelist 2014
                                       Price List 2018
(Rates effective til - Dec 31st 2018 (+ 5% VAT)
PADI Recreational Program   Prices (in dirhams) Duration  
Bubblemakers (+8 years old) (pool only) 390 2hours
PADI Seal Team (+10 years old) (pool only) 1495 5 aquamissions (2-3 half days)
Discover Scuba Diving (+10 years) (1 tank sea or 2 tank dive) 665/865 half day
Discover Scuba Diving (+10 years) pool dive + 1 tank beach dive) 665 half day
Discover Scuba Diving (+10 years) (pool dive + 2 tank sea dive on boatat) 1035 full day
Refresher Scuba Tune up without book 425 3 hours
ReActivate (e-touch/offline) 425+39GBP  3 hours
Skin Diver (with PIC) 425 2hours
Scuba Diver 2275 3days
Open Water e-learning 9online/offline) 2360+ 114GBP fee 3-4days*
Open Water Diver 2835 4days
Adventure Dives (per dive) excl gear hire 425 2hours - shore dive/ half day-boat dive
Adventure Diver Course (3 dives) 1570 full day or 1.5 days
Advance Open Water Course (5 dives) (excluding Enriched Air) 2360 2 days
Advance Open Water e-Learning 1935+107GBP 2 days
Rescue Diver 2775 3 days
Rescue Diver e-learning 2175 + 110GBP fee 2 days
Emergency First Response( Primary & Secondary Care) 1025 1 full day or 2 half days
EFR (Care for Children) (Group 4 or more) 665 1 full day or 2 half days
EFR (Care of Children) (Group less than 4) 980 1 full day or 2 half days
EFR (Private per person) 1200 1 full day or 2 half days
Rescue and EFR Package (Primary & Secondary Care) 3320 4 days
Rescue and EFR e-learning Package (Primary & Secondary Care) 2780 + 110GBP fee 3 days
PADI Professional Development   Prices (in dirhams)  
Dive Master with elearning* 3600 +150GBP 14 days
Emergency First Response Instructor* 3600 2 days
Asisstant Instructor Program with elearning* 3600+237GBP 6 days
Open Water Scuba Instructor* 4200 +237 GBP 6 days
Instructor development Course* 7720+237GBP 10 days
Master Scuba Diver Trainee* (5 specialty instructor ratings) 2625 3 days
Instructor development Course- staff* 2625 3 days
PADI Specialities   Prices (in dirhams) Duration  
Enriched Air Diver (with crew pack, no dives) 980 half day
Enriched Air Diver with 2 Dives (crew pack) 1450 full day
Enriched Air Diver e-Learning (no dives) 540+160GBP half day
Enriched Air Diver e-learning with 2 Dives 805+160GBP full day
Aware - Coral Reef (no dives) 575 half day
Aware- Fish Identification with 2 dives 1450 full day
Night Diver with 3 dives 1690 full day + night dive (2hours)
Peak Performancy Buoyancy w/2dives 1450 full day
Digital Underwater Photography with 1 pool dive + 2 open water divees 1380+110GBP 1.5 days
Underwater Navigation with 3 dives 1570 full day
Deep Diver with 4 dives 1935 2 days + 2 hours knowledge development
Wreck Divers with 4 dives 1935 2 days + 2 hours knowledge development
Search and Recovery with 4 dives 1570 2 days + 2 hours knowledge development
Emergency Oxygen Provider 665 half day
PADI Specialities   Prices (in dirhams)  
Diver Propulsion Vehicle with 2 dives 1450 full day
Multilevel Diver with 2 dives 1450 full day
Additional Information:
* Excludes instructor crewpack /PADI application fee
Diving without equipment Prices (in dirhams) With equipment Prices (in dirhams) Duration
Non Diving or Snorkeling 290 2 hours
Two Dives (zone 1) 370 Two Dives (zone 1) 485 half day
Two Dives (zone 2) 485 Two Dives (zone 2) 595 full day
Night Dives 290 Night Dives 345 2 hours - shore dive
Refresher On Boat 660 half day
Equipment Rental Prices (in dirhams) Equipment Rental Prices (in dirhams)  
  Daily Rate   Daily Rate  
Tank (80Cuft) INT 50 Full equipment set 175
BCD 50 Camera 290
Regulator 50 Compass 30
Mask & Snorkel 30 Computer 115
Wet suit 50 Torch 70 (includes batteries)
Fins 30 Weight & Belt 30
Equipment Rental Requires a 2,000 Dhs Deposit, either Cash or Check (for take away equipment)  
 Note: Proof of certification required to hire any scuba diving related equipemnt and equipment hire liability must be signed by the diver hiring the equipment.
Swimming lessons,swim fit, lifeguard training: please refer to our Al Mahara PADI Swim School for more details
Sea Cruise and watersports Prices (in dirhams) Water Sport   Prices (in dirhams) Duration
Island Cruise 1.5hr 650 per hout
Stand Up Paddle  150 per hour Deep Sea Fishing Starts at Dh650 per hour (min 3hr) 6 pax
Private boat charter Price upon request Mangrove kayak



Eastern Mangrove

Dhs200 Adult Yas Links launch

Dhs150 Child Yas Links launch

Private guide or instructor hire Instructor Dhs360 per hour, Divemaster Dhs150/hr. Halfday Instructor Dhs1800
    Air Filling & Services Prices (in dirhams)  
Air fill per cylinder 30 Nitrox fill 35
Air fill card (12 fills) 240 Nitrox tank and fill 80
Nitrox fill card (12 fills) 295
Note: cylinders must be within test dates, Nitrox cylinders must be oxygen cleaned and within test dates
Cylinders not meeting industry standards may be refrained from filling due to safety.
To hire cylinders, proof of certification and/or Nitrox certification is required.
* Instructors cannot guarantee all performance requirements met by students

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